Equine boarding at our NORTH AUGUSTA location only      

Our aim is to provide quality care at an affordable price.   In all aspects of our care and maintenance, the focus is to keep it simple but effective.   Horses are kept in small herds for their overall mental and physical health.   All fields are equipped with water tanks that have automatic waterers for the summer months, shelters (covered or tree cover), and salt blocks.  Horses remain in pastures at all times during any type of weather, inclement or not.  Private stalls are provided for feeding time only.  The fields are maintained through bush hogging and dragging.  One round bale of Coastal Bermuda hay is provided at most once a week per field throughout the year.

     We are have two options available for pasture boarding.


       Option 1~ Half Care

$        250.00/month

Horses are provided with hay, salt blocks, and water in the fields. Owners must provide feed, but will be fed by Palmetto Stables manager in a private stall.

      Option 2~Full Care

$       300.00/month

Horses are provided with hay, salt blocks, and water in the fields.  Safe Choice original  pelleted feed is provided or Triple Crown senior feed is available at an additional cost. Horses are fed by Palmetto Stables manager.  One standard 3 quart scoop is fed once daily.  Rations can be increased, but will reflect any price differences.


     Owners are responsible for all medical and maintenance health care.  Owners must show proof of negative coggins and a vaccine record of the following: West Nile, East/West, Tetanus, and Rabies.

                                   *****No stallions allowed on property.

                                   ***** Shod horses may not have back shoes for the safety of the other horses.

                                  ***** Horses overly aggressive to people or horses will be asked to find a new home for the safety of guests and pasture mates.


40 ft round pen

110X100 ft turf riding ring

Locker style tack room

Open and wooded pastures

Cross ties


Approx. 5 acres of trail riding

Pastures are cross fenced

Open air shelters or tree cover

Property is double fenced