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Let's Ride!


     We cater primarily to children between the ages of 6 years old and 18 years old. Our focus is to teach the basic fundamentals of safe and proper riding, including horsemanship. We want students to be safe and self-sufficient. As well as, learn how to trouble shoot problems that arise during training, unexpected situations in the surrounding environment, and behavioral issues.

     Not only will students learn how to ride, but they will also learn the basics of good horsemanship. They will be taught how to handle horses from the ground. They will learn how to halter, lead, groom, and tack a horse.

     Our lessons cover walk, trot, and canter/lope. We teach English or Western style of riding. Students will be required to have a properly fitted, equestrian helmet. Students will also be asked to wear a boot with a heel and jeans/riding breeches.

Students will learn basic maneuvers such as:
1) Mounting/Dismounting

2)Riding straight and diagonal lines
3) How to properly ride a corner and circle
4) Transitions between gaits
5) Lead and diagonal changes
6) Proper equitation (position and form)
7) Learning a horse's body language
8) Balance and centered riding
9) Memorizing patterns
10) How to rate speed
11) Learn to ride extended, working, and collected gaits and much more!!

    Once students reach an intermediate skill level other elements are added into lessons.  We begin to cover ground work, agility and trail skills, gymkhana games, and trail riding.

Basic lessons are scheduled for one hour, whether private or group. For the safety of all students, students must start with private lessons and reach a certain level before joining a group. Group lessons can consist of 2-3 students or 4 to 5 students. 


 Type of Lesson  # of students  Pricing
 ***All students must start in private lessons                1
 Private, Package of 4~completed in 4 weeks for one student                 1  $130
 Semi-Private Group (Package of 4           2 to 3 students  $110
 Group Package of 4      4 to 5 students  $90
 Group sizes depend on availability of horses  


Riding Lessons